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WATCH George Clooney talks ‘spectacular’ Ireland, the Laois accent and Bono on Jimmy Kimmel

Irish-American actor George Clooney must have had a little difficulty understanding the Laois accent when he visited Ireland over Easter.

The Hollywood star spoke about his Easter holiday in Ireland, his first visit to the country, when he appeared on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Show on US TV. He was impressed on his arrival at the plush Ballyfin House.

“We walked into this castle, and I thought ‘Wow, the Clooneys are doing alright over here’,” he joked.

“We spent the afternoon trying to understand what they were saying,” before making a joke about leprechauns and Lucky Charms.

Jimmy wondered whether George’s Irish relations owned the Castle.

“No, it was a hotel. I thought it was theirs. I walked into the hotel and was thinking woah – sh*t we shouldn’t have left,” he said.

He also spoke about meeting his relatives in Ballyfin. He said he originally planned to visit Ireland with is mum and dad to meet up with relatives. However, he revealed his father couldn’t travel because he had to have surgery on a hernia brought on by 85 sit-ups a day.

Jimmy asked George what it was like meeting relatives who could also be strangers. George’s relatives hail from the Laois Kilkenny area.

“It was odd but there is this other part of you which you do feel this weird connection to when you can see some connection in the eyes,” he said.

George also said he went to the home of U2’s frontman Bono for Easter Sunday.

“As you do. We try to only do Easter with rock stars,” he quipped. 

Joking he said he enjoyed his time here.

“It was a beautiful day. Ireland is spectacular,” he said.

George also talked about celebrating his 58th birthday with his wife Amal, what it’s like being a dad to toddler twins.